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Maintenance of the Podhale sheperd

  Maintenance of the polish tatra sheepdog

A healthy and hearty breed. Apart from hip dysplasia  and gastric torsion which is a condition that affects breeds that are the general size of the Tatra sheepdog.

He sheds its undercoat profusely twice a year and must be brushed and groomed. Pay special attention to the spots were mats can develop, like behind the ears, around any collars, the spot between the body and the upper inside of the legs.

Its coat is self-cleansing but to maintain his white appearance it might be necessary to bath him once or twice a year.

The Polish tatra sheepdog is classified in Group 1 (sheepdogs and cattledogs) of the F.C.I. and is known as a rare breed.
In 2004 a total of 236 dogs were LOF registered.