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                                       LE DOMAINE DES DHALBERGS 

                                                   Breeder of Domaine des Dhalbergs

                                                   Breeder of Polish Tatras shepherd

Certificat de capacite number :61099

Number of Siret :50528079200019

We are situated in the Normandy countryside about three hours from Paris

We try to provide a very nice and healthy life for our dogs,this includes plenty of space and comfortable homes.

Each puppy comes with a full pedigree,vaccinated and microchipped. Parents of excellent  bloodlines  and free of hip dysplasia

Breeders of Tatra mountaindogs, we are proud of our passion.

We especially pay attention not to mate animals that are closely related to each other. (In particular we reject mating between father/daughter of brothers and sisters) which is happening nowadays in France.

For instance, in this case, it is in many countries by regulations officially determined that dogs born from these combinations have no right to register in the studbook. (LOF France). In other words a pedigree will be refused by the Kennelclub.

It is therefore important that, if one wants to purchase a puppy buyers ask in advance the pedigree papers and all related papers of the parents. Simply, just read them well!
We are also proud and happy that our efforts as a breeder also reach over frontiers. Some dogs which are born with us, are already being used for breeding abroad.  

No puppy leaves here with a ban on breeding. The breeder has no right to sell puppies or dogs with a prohibition to breed. This is not legal in France or elsewhere. Unless there are medical reasons.

In France, very few purebred puppies are sold to be used for breeding later.Breeding dogs can bring a lot of fun with it, but there are also certainly disadvantages.

Think of all the work! The health, confirmation of the dog! All kind of tests. Getting well informed about the breed! It is important that they are well informed and aware of any risks. Not just mate their female or male to the first best.

Breeding is the profession that has yet to be invented. Many skills are required in order to be successful. But that will never be one hundred percent.

It takes years before a good balance is achieved in breeding. (Morphology, character, health, reproduction and everything requires effort and a lot of work.)

Furthermore all future owners a require lot of attention when they buy a puppy and this will be accompanied by prolonged advice and counsel.

It is not true that the most expensive puppy by definition is from the best breeder.

Or vice versa, the cheapest puppy from a bad breeder.

The price does not matter, and in fact is not in question. However, the human values ​​from which you make your choice. The extent to which individuals are able to sell a puppy that meets the standard and quality in health you want for a puppy.

Naturally Sure Zero risk does not exist then put all the good assets on your side of the first contacts with the farmers.

Good choice for you. ....